Towards The Goal

Pontoon Finance
2 min readMar 13, 2023

Bearish sentiments has been all over the markets and we also see some momentum shifting, which indicates constant innovation is much needed to be competitive in the ecosystem. The large and larger crowds are moving towards the best of the technology that is around and to pick the most advanced among them is the blockchain which is best garnered by today's smaller ages community.

With more and more kinds of technology evolution, a more complex ecosystem is built which is indicative of the best developments unfolding.

The year 2021 marked good news to the folks around crypto and in the same year, Pontoon made a footfall to the crypto community with its various ranging applications which possibly be a leader in its segment.

Pontoon’s testnet launch was nothing short of a triumph, with close to 50,000 transactions conducted over a 14-day window, and over 37,000 wallets connected across multiple chains. This success was driven by constant innovation and a willingness to listen to feedback from the community, and it has led to some truly exciting developments

The constant evolution in the blockchain world has to be considered for any application to sustain itself. Pontoon through its testnet feedback along with constant innovation has reviewed its protocol architecture and a solution has been carried out which is a Decentralised Application( META Aggregator ) on bridging assets and this could be more favorable towards the bridging solution for the future ecosystem along with the community.

More information on the new application to follow soon.

About Pontoon: Pontoon is one click liquidity mirror cross-chain solution that aims to solve the concern of fragmentation and composability in a completely trustless way. Pontoon does not MINT or BURN any assets or tokens which is a solution to a decentralized transactions.