Pontoon Incentivised TestNet V2

Pontoon Finance
2 min readFeb 15, 2022

Last month Pontoon released an Incentivised TestNet across ETH, BSC, Polygon and the user community provided an overwhelming support to us. We crossed 5M transfers across 3 chains with close to 10000 users participating over the course of 1 month. Yes of course we had received many inputs from the user base that were considered through our bug bounty program and today we are unleashing the new version of testnet which is V2 with more advanced features and 3 more chains added.

Statistics: V1 Testnet Total participants — 10K+ participants participated.

Guess what? Pontoon testnet is presently available on Eth, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Celo and Fantom which is a major milestone achieved at the start of 2022.

With 6 chains added to testnet Dapp, we would like all the user community to explore the chains in one go. This is a major chunk which is needed at the present situation which eliminates the need of CEX in a completely trustless way.

I am sure all the users are excited to be a part of this V2 Testnet and unleash true DEFI. Get ready to be a part of this journey and yes rewards await too.


Total of $50000 worth multi chain tokens shall be distributed post the completion of TestNet. Highest number of bounties found by an user shall also get a chance to win multi chain tokens.

  • On BSC chain — $10000 worth BNB Tokens
  • On Polygon — $10000 worth MATIC Tokens
  • On AVAX — $10000 worth AVAX Tokens
  • On Celo — $10000 worth CELO Tokens
  • On Fantom — $10000 worth of Fantom Tokens

V2 Testnet Details:

  • Duration: 20 days
  • Start Date: 24th Jan 2022
  • End Date: 02nd Mar 2022
  • Rewards: $50000 multi-chain tokens
  • Chains: Eth, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom and Celo

How to Participate:

Login to Pontoon faucet and collect the testnet tokens (Testnet tokens are stablecoins).

Connect the wallet and move to the BSC testnet, Matic testnet or Kovan network of Eth.

Once the testnet tokens and prerequisite tokens(network test tokens) are collected, login to the URL of Pontoon testnet and playaround.

Remember every wallet used on Testnet, mandatory prerequisite is to have tokens of the testnet. For Eg: Matic tokens on Mumbai matic testnet, BNB on BSC testnet and Eth on Kovan network, AVAX, Celo and Fantom.

Key URL’s of TestNet:

TestNet Home — https://testnet.pontoon.fi/

TestNet Faucet — https://faucet.pontoon.fi/

Mirror Protocol — https://testnet.pontoon.fi/bridge

Mirroring Liquidity Pool — https://testnet.pontoon.fi/pool

Cross-Chain DEX — https://dex.pontoon.fi/swap

About Pontoon: Pontoon is a one-click liquidity mirror solution across chains that aims to solve fragmentation and composability concerns in the ecosystem in a completely trustless way.