Pontoon Incentivised TestNet V2

  • On BSC chain — $10000 worth BNB Tokens
  • On Polygon — $10000 worth MATIC Tokens
  • On AVAX — $10000 worth AVAX Tokens
  • On Celo — $10000 worth CELO Tokens
  • On Fantom — $10000 worth of Fantom Tokens
  • Duration: 20 days
  • Start Date: 24th Jan 2022
  • End Date: 02nd Mar 2022
  • Rewards: $50000 multi-chain tokens
  • Chains: Eth, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom and Celo




Cross-Chain liquidity mirror protocol

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Pontoon Finance

Pontoon Finance

Cross-Chain liquidity mirror protocol

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