Pontoon Finance X Rango Exchange

Pontoon Finance
2 min readAug 21, 2023

Pontoon is all set to collaborate with Rango exchange, which offers the most advanced cross-chain bridging and aggregation of on-chain swaps. Rango has placed itself in a variety of blockchain which is not limited to EVM’s but also has to reach towards UTXO, TRON, Solana, Cosmos and ZK-rollups.

Additionally, Rango API has been designed to be the best eco-friendly that users can get involved in with its features including security, fairplay, integrity, accountability and innovation.

With this integration, the Pontoon community shall be leveraged towards utilising the best routes with very minimal slippage and cost needed for the entire transaction to get completed either on-chain or cross-chain.

About Rango Exchange:

Rango is a cutting-edge routing and aggregation protocol for all cross-chain and on-chain swaps, aggregating bridges and DEXs in the crypto world. Rango is a new layer on top of all Bridges and DEXs, aggregating all of them to enable seamless on-chain and cross-chain swaps, finding the most efficient, safe, cheap and fast route for swapping from any token on any blockchain to any other token to any blockchain.

About Pontoon:

Pontoon is an advanced cross chain Meta Aggregator that provides users with a seamless gateway of exchanging or bridging of assets through its unified intelligence routing which is spread across 30+ blockchains that supports both EVM and non-EVM’s.