Pontoon Finance Integrates with LI.FI

Pontoon Finance
1 min readJun 27, 2023

TL;DR — Pontoon Finance is now live on mainnet and is using LI.FI to power cross-chain swaps

We are excited to announce the partnership with LI.FI, one of the leading SDK providers for cross chain solutions. With this integration, users of Pontoon are leveraged to utilise the smart routing mechanism through the integration of LI.FI API for cross-chain swaps.

LI.FI protocol is an advanced cross-chain bridge and DEX aggregator that enables smart routing solutions to the users through their seamless SDK kit.

Smart Routing is a capability of LI.FI, that shall solve the interoperability concerns. With this addition, the assets are moved across from one chain to another chain supported through 13 bridges, 15+ EVM compatible chains along with all leading DEX aggregators.

LI.FI SDK is the most unique SDK that is available for the betterment of the blockchain ecosystem through its money legos built to add any Dapps or built on top of that.

About Pontoon: Pontoon is an advanced cross-router meta-aggregator Dapp that provides users with a seamless gateway of exchanging or bridging of assets via its unified intelligence routing. We are currently on 27+ chains that support both EVM and Non-EVM ecosystems.