Pontoon Finance Announces the First-Ever Initial Hot Cross Offering

Liquidity fragmentation and composability remain some of the significant issues hindering the growth of the DeFi space. Pontoon aims to address this through its liquidity mirroring techniques across various networks. In the pursuit of this, Pontoon Finance is ecstatic to announce its upcoming token sale on Hot Cross, the leading multi-chain cross chain suite for stellar blockchain teams and communities.

With the First-Ever Initial Hot Cross Offering to be conducted on Hot Cross, Pontoon Finance will be the first movers in the upcoming era of IHO’s. Pontoon Finance will premiere on Hot Cross on 28th October, 2021. This strategic collaboration will be a game-changer in the DeFi space and lay a stronger foundation for future collaboration. Both Pontoon Finance and Hot Cross are on the mission of revolutionizing the DeFi space and this collaboration will result in exchanging synergies for a decentralized future.

Why IHO: Breaking the Stereotype and Taking a New Route

We wanted to do things differently and hence we are here. Fasten your seatbelts as we are here to take you through this exhilarating journey with our First-Ever IHO. Excited much?

What is Initial Hot Cross Offering?

Comprehensive Pontoon x Hot Cross IHO Details

  • Where to buy TOON: IHO page;
  • Where to whitelist and KYC for the sale: KYC page. You must have a KYC’d wallet to participate in this sale. There is no wiggle room here — we are a B2B compliant-facing team that is non-anonymous and serious about pushing innovation and ideas forward in the on-chain space;
  • Amount to raise: $700,000;
  • Tokens for sale: 2,000,000 TOON (2% of Total Supply);
  • Token price: $0.35 per TOON;
  • TOON Metrics: Metrics PDF;
  • Payment method: HOTCROSS-BNB PCS V2 LP’s, BNB zapped into HOTCROSS-BNB PCS V2 LP’s, or BUSD zapped into HOTCROSS-BNB PCS V2 LP’s;
  • Launch Time: October 28th, 2021. The exact clock time will be announced super soon. You will have ample time to participate;
  • IHO Duration: ~6–8 Hours (we’ll make this super-clear pre-launch);
  • Vesting: No Vesting;
  • HOTCROSS Holding Requirements: 0 Holding Requirements;
  • Tiers: 0 Tiers, everyone is on the same level;
  • Lotto: No lotto, everyone who KYC’s can participate;
  • Deadline to whitelist: October 25th, 2021. Do not delay. Start now;
  • Capped Session Amount: TBD;
  • Uncapped Session Amount: TBD;
  • HOTVIP: This is absolutely not required for participating in the first IHO.

Get more details here: https://updates.hotcross.com/p/iho-pontoon-finance

What’s Next: The Road Ahead for Pontoon Finance

Don’t forget to participate in the Pontoon — Hot Cross $20,000 Giveaway as part of the IHO celebration here. It’s live.

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