Galxe Quest — How to Participate

Pontoon Finance
1 min readJul 24, 2023

Pontoon finance has recently partnered with DLN, a solution for high performance cross- chain trading without liquidity pools.

DLN’s intelligent API is so advanced it can enable ultra-fast trades across chains natively, without AMM slippage or MEV.

With this integration, Pontoon Finance has created a campaign to boost the overall engagement of DLN and to the ecosystem through

Rewards worth 1000 USDT to be grabbed!!

The top 50 users on the campaign’s leaderboard will win $20 USDT each.

Complete the Galxe quest along with minimal $20 bridging of asstes to any chain using DLN.

Task 1 — Login to

Complete the predefined tasks to be leader for Task 2

Task 2 — Login to

  1. Select tokens and chain to perform bridge
  2. Minimum bridging transaction is $20
  3. Select DLN as bridge option from the list of bridging options.
  4. Complete the Transaction

About Pontoon

Pontoon is an advanced cross-router meta-aggregator Dapp that provides users with a seamless gateway of exchanging or bridging of assets via its unified intelligence routing that supports 27+ chains that are spread across both EVM and Non-EVM ecosystems.