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The percentage of crypto users or the web3 community has always been in consensus that cross and multi-chain are the same but is it really true? Core tech guys understand the nature of these and the value each disperse. Not to be confused, cross-chain and multi-chain look alike but are contrasted by their virtue.

Users of the blockchain ecosystem are more on to the exchanging of tokens around from one chain to another chain and this ideology seems to have a more meaningful understanding of the individual functionality of the technology that has been utilized for asset transfer.

Now let's presuppose that we have a user Alex who needs to transfer assets from chain Eth to chain BSC. Now all he has to do is, initiate transfer and tokens are moved across the chain and delivered to the destined chain. Since the transfer occurs on 2 respective chains, the community contemplate that, this is a cross-chain transfer and a multi-chain transfer.

No, that's not true! Let's do some scouting for a better understanding.

What is Multi-chain?

Straight-forward, a protocol contract deployed across multiple blockchains is titled multi-chain. In other words, projects that are must exist on at least 2 blockchains. Security plays a major disposition in every aspect of any DApp or protocol. Considering the risk associated with security, developers are constantly enhancing the chains in numerous ways and this has led to the development of multi-chain technology.

What is Cross-Chain?

In contrast to multi-chain, Cross-chain does not necessarily need to be deployed on a minimum of 2 chains, it can be deployed on one chain and transactions can be initiated, thanks to its composability structure which can communicate to other chains for a specific call provided by the user.

About Pontoon: Pontoon is one click liquidity mirror cross-chain protocol that aims to solve the concern of fragmentation and composability structure in the ecosystem in a completely trustless way. Pontoon cross-chain bridge feature is spread across 7 EVM chains and also enables bidirectional actions to be carried out with lock and unlock enabled for users transactions to get completed.

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