Addressing the Concern

Pontoon Finance
2 min readMar 23, 2023

In today’s advanced blockchain ecosystem, numerous protocols and applications are built on top of existing L1 and L2 chains. Not to forget, we have even side chains that can support the apps which can be considerably utilized, thanks to their underlying architecture.

Now the concern here is, does all the chains that are existing, can be communicated? Straight forward NO, the reason is some blockchains are coded to function in EVM, sidechains and NON-EVM’s. With this present situation of interoperability concern along with composability structure, developers are continuously focused to stay towards the mitigation of these two in the ecosystem which is by far, partially achieved. But do all the chains, protocols and applications communicate? The answer is still No.

Some of the protocols and chains are working closely together for a solution and one such is what Pontoon is trying to achieve. Yes, that’s right.

Pontoon is trying to mitigate the concern of interoperability and composability concern in the ecosystem by initially building a META Agg and then moving towards a Gateway chain which is similar to plug-and-play configuration.

The underlying architectural concern of interoperability and composability will be solved but there is a more focused area in terms of security.

Let’s try to understand why is security important to mitigate the concern. Security in every aspect of the overall protocol or chain growth plays a pivotal role as this is where users and the community is concerned rather than the mitigation of some generic concern.

Illustration of Security concern.

Alice needs to bridge assets from the source to the destination chain and the overall transaction is smoother according to her and assets have been moved to different chains. Alice is very happy that her assets are moved without wanting what has happened at the backend.

Not let's assume that Alice tries to bridge the assets, due to a non-consensus mechanism, Alice's transaction abruptly ended and might be even the assets are even lost as well. This is where a user or Alice will try to understand the backend architecture.

The education series of any protocol serves the purpose and we at Pontoon mitigate some of the common non-consensus issues along with interoperability and composability as well shall be defined in future articles.

Stay tuned, more information to follow.

About Pontoon: Pontoon is one click liquidity mirror cross-chain solution that aims to solve the concern of fragmentation and composability in a completely trustless way. Pontoon does not MINT or BURN any assets or tokens which is the solution to decentralized transactions.